Summer Vaca to Cincinnati

This summer I went home to visit my family and took some great pictures of my hometown. I love and miss Ohio. This picture was taken from Newport, KY looking across the Ohio River into Cincinnati. That building is new for me and I thought it was cool. If you ever get a chance, visit Cincinnati.DSC_6129

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Welcome to Raymone Creations by Tinamarie!

Hi, my name is Tinamarie, and I bet your wondering where did the name Raymone Creations come from…well I am not going to tell you…okay, just joking. Rayome Pierre Lyons was my only brother and my baby brother. He passed a away in August of 2003 at the age of 20.

I started out making things and repairing things. I decided I can do this as a fun thing to do/business. I could not think of a name>;>;>;>;>;THAN out of no where my brother’s name became the back bone. I take pictures and I have them signed as RCTM (Raymone Creations by Tinamarie).

I hope you have the understanding of where the name come from now!,

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